MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Veterans were offered a meal Friday, as a way to say thank you for serving our country and to connect with fellow soldiers.

The Wellington Retirement Home in Minot hosted its monthly veteran’s breakfast.

Since 2019, The Wellington has served breakfast for veterans not just for the veterans in the home but for veterans in the Minot area.

“Other veterans kind of sit down, talk about shop or poke fun at each other because that’s what we do when we go cross service branch: Navy, Marines, Army, Air force. I don’t think I saw anyone from the, Coast Guard come on out,” said Minot Veteran, Alex Cabrera.

Every month on the last Friday of each month The Wellington has been opening its doors.

This retirement and assisted-living homes mission is far beyond providing their services.

“Because the best part of my day, I have no grandparents, and the best part of my day is having 60 grandparents that I can do things for,” said The Wellington Event Coordinator, Amy Reiter.

This breakfast brought in some first-time veteran attendees.

As a Naval Academy alum and a Navy veteran, Cabrera, although younger, was honored to be in the presence of his heroes.

“Every U.S military member that ever signed a piece of paper that says, I’m going to serve, did one thing and one thing alone. They opened up their checkbook, they put their name on the sign line, and they left it blank that said this is payable up to and including my life,” said Minot Veteran, Alex Cabrera.

The Wellington looks forward to continuing to serve everyone in the community of Minot.

Each veterans breakfast will run from 8 to 9 a.m.

For more information on the breakfast, visit The Wellington website.