Couple Travels to 50th State for Their 50th Anniversary

WDAY (Fargo)– A couple from California hit two milestones today out in Fargo.

It’s Lonna and Michael smith’s 50th wedding anniversary, but they’re also visiting their 50th state together, right here in North Dakota.

They got to see the infamous wood chipper at the visitor’s center and went on a food tour this morning downtown.

They joined the Best For Last Club, a club at the visitor’s center where people visit our state last on their list.

We got the opportunity to sit down with the couple, who tell us what their favorite part of Fargo is.

Lonna & Mike Smith share, “…See the woodchipper, that’s the highlight of it and just to be here and see what it’s like because it’s always nice to see what it’s like driving around town it seems like a pleasant city.”