Safety in the heat cannot be stressed enough.

But here in North Dakota many families are not just working to cool themselves down, they are also caring for their livestock as well.

The amount of water livestock needs depends on the type of animal and stage of production, with requirements often doubling during hot weather.

Extreme temperatures are expected to continue in many parts of the state, increasing the potential for heat stress in cattle.

Rancher, Hollie Wilson, tells us what you can do to ensure that your livestock is prepared to take on the heat.

“Battling the heat here for the last two days it’s been close to 100 degrees, and so fly masks are very important for horses during the summer and during the heat, just because of the flies that get into their eyes, there is big irritation. Along with them, have the covers that cover up over the ears,every single one of my horses have them. I put shoofly boots on my horses during the summer it keeps them from stomping and ruining their feet. Shade in the summer, along with constant water so that is the most important thing make sure for any animal, not just horses, cows, dogs, cats anything. Have a constant supply of water during the summer so they do not get dehydrated. I will also hose my horses off during the summer and I will all so put a sprinkler in the pasture every now and then so for them to go under so when it’s really hot they really seem to enjoy that”, Wilson said.

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