Families pulled into the service garage at Puklich Chevrolet, not for a preventative-maintenance check, but instead, to ensure their children’s car seats are installed correctly.  

“People often think they have things correct and sometimes we can really find things in different car seats that really need follow-up,” Registered Nurse Chelsey Trebas said.

When installing car seats, it is important to check the direction of the car seat and the harness and make sure the appropriate car seat is used based on the child’s age, weight, and height.  

“Installing a car seat may take you a half hour to an hour depending on how well you know the car seat and can go through the manual. We leave a half hour per checkup at our car seat just to make sure we can get through everything with you and give proper education and help with the installation,” Trebas said.

But it’s not just the improper installation of car seats that can be the problem, also where they are purchased from.  

“Sometimes there are dupes out there and they actually are fake seats, and they sell them for high-end prices. Just be careful of the sources you purchase car seats at,” Trebas said.

Camie Zinker is a mother of three children including a 15-month-old. This is not her first time installing child seats but she said it never hurts to get extra assistance.  

“Actually, my husband usually installs them. With this one we came because we got a different vehicle and it just seemed kind of loose,”  Zinker said.

For years these car seat safety checks have been keeping children safe, something Zinker appreciates.

“They always do such a nice job of it,” Zinker said.

“We often think it will never happen to us. There are a lot of stories that continue to come out that people switch their daily routine and then they find out that they have a baby or child in the backseat,” Trebas said.

To learn more about car seat safety and how to schedule an appointment for yourself, visit this link.