The Turtle Mountain Community College Teacher Education Department wanted to help out in the Rolette County community, so they rounded up a group of 14 people to distribute baskets filled with cleaning supplies to the elderly on Tuesday.

“With everything going on we decided that it would be best to give back to the elderly since they are the ones most affected by this,” said Kayla Jetty, who helped distribute baskets.

Jetty said many of the elders are afraid to leave their homes because of COVID-19, so they brought the supplies to them.

Baskets were filled with toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, disinfectant cleaning supplies, paper towels and more.

“We all need to take protective measures for our elders. For with every elder that, passes a wealth of knowledge and history pass as well,” said Jetty.

With baskets in hand, the group went around Rolette, donating them to people in need.