North Dakota may be known for its crops and oil, but it also has a reputation for severe weather.

As we move into our severe weather season, it’s time to brush up on what North Dakota’s skies can produce and what we can do to make sure we’re prepared.

Tonight’s “Stronger Than The Storm” covers the breadth of severe weather: from tornadoes, severe storms and other weather events to how we map, track and forecast storms. From some of the biggest severe storm myths that might surprise you to resources you need to know about in the event of severe weather.

There’s a lot to discuss, and the KX Storm Team meteorologists will cover it all during the 30-minute program, along with interviews with national severe weather experts and local emergency management officials.

Along the way, we’ll also learn about the technology the KX Storm Team uses to detect and dissect thunderstorms, tornadoes and other severe weather activity.

Watch Stronger Than The Storm tonight at 6:30 p.m. on television or via streaming at the KX News website.