MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — As KX News has recently reported, a handful of businesses are closing on Main Street in Mandan.

One of them has just over a week left before he calls it quits. The All New Time Rentals shop owner Page Larson says now is the time to walk away.

“When I started, there were three rental stores, now there’s seven,” Larson said.

When you ask Page Larson why he’s closing up shop soon, you may not always get the same answer.

“My back hurts. My rotator cuff hurts from pull-starting engines for 22 years might have something to do with it,” Larson said.

For two decades, Larson has run the All New Time Rentals on Main. But everybody just knows it as the building with the big owl painting.

“He did all this off a postcard,” Larson said looking at the mural.

That was the handiwork of an artist Larson hired and brought to town. But making a living has only become harder in the last few years for Larson.

“We had COVID for the last three years. There were no graduations, no company functions,” Larson said. A time when his business rents out party equipment.

Larson says everything in the lot and inside the shop will now be auctioned off. But in the last handful of weeks, he became the fourth location on Main Street in Mandan to announce its closing. All of them had one thing in common, they couldn’t afford to stay open.

“I got tax increases the last two years and just got one in the mail today,” Larson said. “I get tax increased three years in a row. The city might have their numbers to match, but I have to make mine match too.”

Still, Larson remains level-headed about the transition.

“It’s time to check out the rest of the half of life,” Larson said.

Ready for a break, he says he doesn’t get emotional thinking about his impending retirement.

“I think I’ve kind of gotten over that part,” Larson said.

The other three businesses to recently close include Hardees, Station West Bar and Grill, and Dakota Farms, which will be open for the last time this weekend.

The All New Time Rentals’ last day will be September 15.

Auction company Pifers will be selling off the goods from the store on October 3. You can look over the items for sale here.

Larson says they’ll also be taking bids on the building.