For the first time this year, a five-year tradition called Cardio & Coffee returned on Saturday. Every month joggers or runners meet at Fort Lincoln State Park for a four-mile trail run followed by a social with coffee.

“It’s just a great opportunity to get people out here to experience this if they haven’t and that was one of the reasons why the series was started,” volunteer Matt Schanandore said.

Whether running or moving at a snail’s pace, everyone is welcome to enjoy the outdoor adventure.

“We do have some of those trail enthusiasts who like to get out on the trail and want to do some of those harder challenging runs,” Schanandore said

The group will meet monthly on Saturdays from June until September to enjoy the trails surrounding the park.

If you’re wondering how long it takes, Schanandore said roughly 45 minutes.

It’s not just visitors having all the fun. The park managers also join in when they can.

“I’ll try to make some of the runs. I’ll be here all the time, but I’ll try to make a run or two,” Fort Lincoln State Park Ranger Erik Dietrich said.

Dietrick said he is happy to see tourists enjoying the park and making memories that will last a lifetime.

“That’s why we do what we do just to see the enjoyment of the general public, the people that we serve,” Dietrich said.

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