MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — One course at a time.

Texas-based Blue Shield Tactical Systems aims to improve relationships between law enforcement officers and the people they serve by offering various trainings for law enforcement, security and military personnel.

This week, law enforcement agencies from around the state have been attending a close contact defense course in Minot.

“This is gonna teach standing defense, ground defense,” said Ray Beshirs, owner and instructor. “We’re gonna teach them how to work as a team and how to control people on the ground that resist arrest.”

The purpose is to increase communication between officers, and the people they are in contact with.

“They have to have the confidence to be able to use physical force because it is part of our job, unfortunately,” said Beshirs. “Some people are going to resist arrest. So it’s very imperative for those officers to understand how to control people on a standing and ground, and communicate with each other so that we can tire them out so now we can place cuffs on them.”

Ward County Detention Center hosted the training as a way for other agencies to learn these skills and share them with their employees.

“A lot of people that come into this profession don’t always have a background in physical ability to control somebody that doesn’t wanna be controlled. so our officers are given the skills to be able to control somebody, if needed, as a last resort,” said Chris Ray, a captain at the detention center.

While there is no specific incident that brought this training to town, Ray says he has seen benefits from the years of training with Blue Shield Tactical Systems.

“It’s just recertification for us, but we’ve found that this is very effective training to limit risk of injury to any subject or officers,” said Ray.

Beshirs also says that this knowledge can also be helpful to the general public.

“We need to have drills that we’re doing withinside these businesses and withinside these schools and so the community themselves are are of it as well,” said Beshirs. “And so we teach a lot of safety and awareness. it’s easy to become complacent. Even if we have all the security measures in place, if nothing happens, over time people tend to become complacent because they assume nothing is going to happen until it does.”

Beshirs says many times police departments don’t have the funding for trainings like this and that could lead to situations being handled incorrectly.

He says if departments want to receive de-escalation trainings for free, reach out to his organization and they can help to find funding. You can call Blue Shield Tactical Systems at 817-501-6087.

Beshirs says Blue Tactical’s de-escalation courses are approved by the Department of Justice to teach to law enforcement officers across the country.