These days, simple things, like getting your kids to school or going to the store, can be high-anxiety events. The pandemic has taken a toll on adults as well as children.

All kids have emotional ups and downs. That’s why one organization is getting creative in order to help their clients.

Heather Mattheis, a Therapist at Kids Therapy Center says, “We help kids from trauma-related incidences to anxiety, depression, child abuse, neglect, family relation issues, all of the normal issues.”

For 10 years the Kids Therapy Center has provided mental health counseling for children, teens, and adults and since the pandemic, they’ve seen an increase in clients – both in person and through teletherapy.

Heather says, “We are still wearing masks if families request us to and however it works best for the children and families for them to do their healing.”

Heather says she sees as many as 30 patients a week. And with more clients, they’ve had to increase services, add an additional building, and hire more people.

One of the new services is called trauma sensitive yoga.

Heather says, “Most of the time with trauma, people lost that sense of ‘self’ and become numb.”

It’s a new type of yoga therapy that includes choosing to be still or participate in movement
as well as invitational language.

Heather adds, “When you choose to …if you would like to.. and finding that interception, kind of going within and feeling what’s in their body.

And also working with non-coersion.

Heather says, “If they wanna just sit in a shape, that’s where they sit. I’m not gonna tell them that they’re doing that wrong.”

Hannah Torgerson, a licensed counselor says trauma-sensitive yoga is a great addition to their services.

Hannah says, “It’s really a great program. Yoga is so great and we use it throughout the clinic for
emotional regulation, and helping quiet your body and mind.”

And the two say the non-traditional yoga, combined with traditional therapy, is helping them find more success.. at helping children heal.

The new building is open now and in full operation.

For more information on everything the Kids Therapy Center offers go here.