Travel blogger Sara Broers spends her days exploring the Midwest.

We spoke with her about the time she spent in the peace garden state, over the last week.

“Reality is in the Midwest we have so many hidden gems that people do not know about and people want to know where those hidden gems are,” shares Broers.

Originally a mom blogger, Broers decided to take a different route and share her love for traveling the world in 2013.

“And travel with Sara has allowed me to just build on that. I love being my own boss. Setting my own schedule. Doing what I love to do. I tell you what, i never have a day of work,” explains Broers.

For the past week Broers has shared with almost 5 thousand followers what North Dakota has to offer.

Bike riding through Fort Abraham Lincoln to exploring Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and even attending the Medora Musical.

“North Dakota is a perfect place to travel during the pandemic. Physical distancing is super easy. There’s wide open spaces. You observe sunsets. If you have children, you can get them in the outdoors,” explains Broers.

She says everywhere she visited people were distancing themselves and wearing masks.

“If you find yourself where there are more people around you that you don’t like, you can go 20 feet and you’re away from them,” says Broers.

Broers shares that she has already received 100 messages with questions about our state, she said her next destination is Kansas.