MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A Minot man will finally face a jury after three years in the Ward County Jail awaiting trial.

Shawnee Krall’s trial date for the alleged murder of his former roommate, Alice Queirolo back in 2020, is now set for January 2 next year.

The trial was originally set to start this week. But just days before, his attorney withdrew from the case. Eight attorneys have withdrawn from his case after he was charged with the murder in 2020. At a status conference hearing on Wednesday, Krall’s new attorney from Fargo was present via Zoom.

Both the state and Krall’s new attorney agreed that due to the amount of discovery in this case and with Krall’s recent weapons charge inside the jail, the trial would take about two weeks.

“It’s my understanding that this discovery is rather extensive for a state case, just from what I hear through the rumor mill. Maybe around 1,000 pages, which is extensive for a state case,” said Stormy Vickers, Shawnee Krall’s new attorney.

“Mr. Krall did raise an interesting point yesterday when he was seen on his initial appearance for his new charges, that there has been some media coverage as of late. And I think that may extend the length of voir dire in this case. Because obviously, you need to address that. So, we are currently slated for five days. I would suggest bumping that up to eight,” explained Tiffany Sorgen, the Deputy State’s Attorney

The trial is set for January 2 through January 12.