MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A symbol of hope — that’s what was shown Wednesday at Trinity CancerCare center.

Friends and family of Scott Vigested, members of the Trinity Health Foundation and others all gathered to unveil the celebratory bell that commonly marks the completion of cancer treatment.

Vigested fought cancer for three and a half years and died in January of 2020.

A patient who completed her cancer treatment today had the honor of ringing that bell for the very first time, signifying the hope that Vigested’s family intended.

“As you walk in here and you can see a bell, it gives you hope to start with and then two, if you hear someone as you’re going through these treatments actually be able to accomplish that, every person that accomplishes it gives that person who’s fighting just one more chance moving forward,” said Stacy Norton, Vigested’s significant other of more than 20 years.

Vigested’s family founded a non-profit called Viggy’s Sandlot, which helped donate the funds to purchase the bell.

The mission of Viggy’s Sandlot is simply to help those in need, whether its monetary support for a family experiencing a cancer battle, or even baseball equipment for youth teams.