Healthcare worker burnout, on average, was measured at between 30 and 50 percent before the pandemic. Now, it’s at 40 to 70 percent, according to

With a shortage of healthcare workers, many are feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

“Being a pandemic nurse is extremely stressful. We don’t always see the outcomes we want and you just get really attached to those patients and want the best for everyone which doesn’t always happen,” said registered nurse Shaley McNally.

In an effort to help ease the stress of staff working more shifts and longer hours, the Trinity Health Foundation has unveiled the “Resiliency Room.”

“There was a need for an area that people who work here can go to just have a little time to decompress and reset themselves so that they can continue on with their job,” said Trinity Health Foundation Director Dusty Zimmerman.

The room features two massage chairs, soft flooring and low light lamps.

It’s open 24/7 for all Trinity Health employees.

“To care for our employees’ mental health as much as their physical health, and so we just really decided that it was time to start doing something that really help them in that aspect,” said Zimmerman.

McNally says healthcare workers need to stay vigilant when it comes to being aware of needing a little time away.

“It’s extremely important to recognize when you just need a little bit of a break. You can’t care for others unless you care for yourself,” said McNally.

She says she will make sure she puts the resiliency room to good use.

“I always make a goal to try to go at least a couple times a week just because even if I don’t notice I need it, it’s just good to refresh and take a minute to myself before I go back to the floor and to the patients, I’m caring for,” said McNally.

The Trinity Health Foundation received a $50,000 donation from Joanne Quale, a retired nurse, in order to help create the room.