According to, Nearly 200,000 North Dakotans are affected with some form of diabetes whether it be pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes, but with the help of Trinity Health Nutrition Services, they have found a new way to encourage better health and eating habits.

Trinity Health Nutrition Services has partnered with Marketplace foods creating a store-tour teaching the importance of food labels and what specific things could lead to diabetes.

“The quality of food that we eat once we have diabetes.. we really want to look at the carbohydrate content of foods and not cut it out completely, but reduce our portions and kind of change the proportions of our plate, so that we’re not having over-loading amounts of carbohydrates,” says Kayla Cole, Clinical Dietitian.

And while keeping up with food labels and watching what you eat is important, it’s always better to check for signs and symptoms.

“Whatever type of diabetes can sometimes have increased thirst, increased urination, vision problems, tingling in your fingers and toes..which is called nephropathy. So, different symptoms for different people. Some people can’t tell at all or they’ll have excessive weight loss because blood sugars have been elevated” Cole says.

Monte Espe, who’s wife has been dealing with diabetes for 29-years, says with informationals like ‘Trinity Health Store-Tours’ has educated them both.

“It’s just basically you have to watch what you eat and exercise and try to maintain as healthy a diet as you can,” says Monte Espe, Husband to Diabetic.