In the case of a traumatic injury, the Trauma Center at Trinity Hospital has got you covered.

In today’s your health first, Trinity was recently re-verified as a level two trauma center — so what does that mean for patients?

For example, the qualification comes from many things, including the abilities to treat head trauma in children and the availability of inpatient rehab.

Another aspect is the number of surgical services for a patient, including neurological, orthopedic, cardio, or thoracic.

In rural areas, injuries can range from frostbite to oil field and farm injuries, and these services are the only ones offered from Williston all the way to Bismarck.

“All sorts of things can cause traumatic injuries. They can cause amputations, they can cause burns, they can cause broken bones and internal injuries and Trinity offers the surgical services in order to take care of those to treat them surgically and be able to care for them after they’ve been repaired from whatever injury they have,” Rhonda Gunderson, Trauma Program Manager, Trinity Health.

Part of the level two qualification also includes the fact that Off-site Surgeons must also be on-call and arrive within 15 minutes.