MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Trinity’s Kidney Dialysis Unit is now at its new campus in the medical building just west of Minot.

It is not your normal treatment center, as it has its advantages.

According to Trinity Health, their new location in Minot is easily accessible for patients looking to continue their life-saving treatments.

“I feel the patients the ease of getting into their dialysis unit. We have designated parking spots with signage just for the dialysis patients on the west side of the building. Then in the front we have the canopy that they can be dropped off by another person if need be. Just the convenience of safety of them getting to and from their vehicles,” said Rochelle Hudson, the nurse manager at Trinity Health.

And location is everything especially inside a hospital.

Reporter Corbin Warnock got to speak with one patient who explained why she is happy it is on the first floor.

“It is I don’t have to go up four flights of or four floors to get to this. It is a lot quicker,” said Brigette.

This center even has some helpful perks and equipment for patients.

“It is a very unique unit as most dialysis centers are just chair after chair. Here they have the solid walls which increases their privacy and their is a television for each of them. And their own blanket, and recliner, and pillow,” said Hudson.

Hudson says it provides more of a home atmosphere and comfortable feeling for them.

Safety is important and when it comes to new updates, nurses are able to make sure their patients are safe.

“The past location we had the nurses station in the center of the room and the patients were around that nurses station. And with the new facility we have two nurses stations along the whole hall which we can keep a better eye on all of the patients during their treatment” said Hudson.

Not only is this new location easily accessible for patients it is all convenient for Trinity’s nurses and staff.

They currently have 10 units and will soon have four more available for patients.