ROLLA, N.D. (KXNET) — The Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue was called to help after unusual stowaways were found in a stolen car.

The vehicle was stolen out of Devil’s Lake, and the car thief ran it into a snow drift, getting it stuck near Rolla.

The car was left running and three puppies were found in the back.

The founder of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue, Keith Benning, transported the puppies back to his home base.

No one has claimed the puppies yet, so they will keep them until the owners are found or until they’re adopted out.

“I would say we’ve had rescues like this. We probably get at least five or six a year,” said Benning. “Typically it’s out of a car. It’s either after an arrest or after a pursuit. There’s no public pound or any kind of public holding area that law enforcement for any of the area is able to use.”

After Benning asked for stolen car-themed name suggestions, the boy pup was named Hijack, and the two girls were named Thelma and Louise.