MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Voters will soon steer the future of their communities on a ballot packed with important races and propositions.

In Minot, residents will choose one city council member to fill the remaining term through June of 2024.

In two weeks, Scott Burlingame and Roscoe Streyle will find out if they’ll be chosen to serve as the next Minot city councilman.

Streyle now serves on the council, appointed in July to fill Tom Ross’s seat after Ross was elected Mayor.

Streyle previously served Minot’s district in the North Dakota House from 2011 to 2018.

Streyle is a banker and feels he could be an asset to the city’s budgeting and would be valuable in the state legislature seeking funding for flood protection.

He said, “Redirect some money back into road infrastructure, which I think infrastructure investments are important. If you’ve seen around town the city has done a very good job the last year improving the roadways infrastructure. Obviously, the flood wall is very important, and going into the next budget cycle, there’s going to be more money there so to me it’s all about economic growth.”

He says he plans to help with economic and population growth through tax incentives and identifying more land availability.

He believes controlling property taxes will entice more businesses to come to Minot and plans to keep property taxes low through healthcare.

“There are simple things we can do. It’s going to take some leadership, it’s going to take a different mindset. But I think cost-cutting through the healthcare piece, which is better for the employees, and better for the taxpayer. Then the budgeting lean and mean on the staff and of course growing the economy,” said Streyle.

The non-incumbent candidate vying for residents’ votes, is Scott Burlingame.

Burlingame is the executive director of Independence Inc., the president of the Minot Alliance of Nonprofits, and a member of the Chamber EDC Government Affairs committee.

He is passionate about childcare, economic development, and the workforce.

“I believe we have a childcare crisis in Minot and it’s time for our local city government and our local economic development efforts to focus on it a little bit more. The biggest part of why we need to do that is it affects the workforce and anybody you talk to, we know that workforce is an issue. Second, I want to see our city grow but grow in a smart way. A way that it doesn’t burden our taxpayers with unnecessary expenses in the next few years going forward and third is I want to see a sustainable budget,” said Burlingame.

He wants to attract new businesses to Minot by first fixing problems in the city, such as a childcare shortage, a tax system that holds even, and keeping young active workers in Minot.

He plans to keep property tax low by utilizing existing infrastructure.

“If we have an aggressive infield plan to make use of existing infrastructure, it can help keep our property taxes level,” Burlingame said.

Both candidates are passionate about finishing the flood protection project in 10 years rather than 15, which could save the state and county nearly $50 million.

Early voting is available at the Ward County Administration Building starting Monday, October 31.