Two men who are now in their 80s prove that friendship can last forever.

Meet a pair who unexpectedly, but literally, know the meaning to the funny saying, “Don’t forget about me when you’re famous.”

“What’s so nice about it is, we have those memories now about what happened then,” said Paul Purdy, Dale Brown’s friend.

Paul and the well-known Dale Brown grew up in Minot together.

Success came to both of them, despite their different paths in life.

“I forgot we used to have kind of a joke, ‘Someday you’ll brag about knowing me.’ It was just a joke but it came true with him,” said Paul.

Dale went on to be a renowned basketball coach at Louisiana State University, while Paul stayed and worked in Minot as a dentist.

Even with the distance and all of these years, the two have stayed in contact — making sure to touch base at least once a month.

“He’s my friend. And your old friends are usually your best friends and the longest time. He’s always been a fun guy to be around,” said Dale.

Paul is suffering from dementia and while he may not remember everything some days, he always remembers Dale and the good times they shared.

“That’s one thing about Dale is he’s very down to earth. He and I both have a sense of humor where we could write the script for the tonight show,” said Paul.

The two reminisced about state tournaments and, of course, cracked a few jokes.

“You told me you had a 4.0-grade point average in college, right?” Dale said to Paul on the phone.

“Correct,” Paul said back.

“Well, that’s what you told me, so I checked it out and you did. The way you figured it out, you had one as a freshman, one as a sophomore, one as a junior and one as a senior, and you added it up and thought that was a 4.0 right, Paul?” said Dale.

“That’s correct, Dale,” said Paul, continuing the phone conversation.

“It really makes me feel wonderful to know that he can bring that kind of joy to my dad,” said Tom Purdy, Paul’s son.

Paul and Dale are living proof friendship knows no distance — and is just a phone call away.

“Alright, Dale, thanks. Love you man,” Paul said to Dale on the phone.

“Love you, Paul,” said Dale, before hanging up the phone.