Yarema Slonevskyy, a long-time seasonal Medora Foundation worker has received nothing but an outpouring of love for his safety and well being.

“All over the world were the words of support, prayers, and hoping that would be as soon as possible and that me and my family would be safe,” Slonevskyy said.

Since the start of the war, he has witnessed trauma from other Ukrainians feeling the ultimate impact.

“There were up to 200 children one in half months up to nine years of age without parents,” Slonevskyy said.

As a father of two children, he said he could only imagine the devastation of victims left parentless and so he decided to help by collecting items and goods loading them into cars near the border of Poland.

“We loaded them with strollers, baby shoes, kids’ clothes, diapers, cans of food, formula food for different ages; huge amounts, we barely could fit it,” Slonevskyy said.

Although needed items have been provided, years of long-lived memories are still being left behind for some Ukrainians.

“They don’t have a house anymore, they don’t have a apartment anymore, they don’t even have some of the streets to come back,” Slonevskyy said.

Items donated are also going to soldiers and families in need in Ukraine. Sandy Beartsch and Dee Ann both from Medora donated a thousand dollars each to support the cause.

Slonevskyy says he is working on a third trip and is receiving help from another American who lives in Warsaw, Poland.