MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — We are just months away from starting the largest public art project in North Dakota.

In the heart of the Magic City, a world-renowned artist is turning the Farmer’s Union Co-op grain silos, into a masterpiece.

After the 2011 Flood, the silos were not operational, but community leaders saw an opportunity to make something beautiful out of the structures.

They brought in Australian Artist: Guido van Helten, who is on a mission to create artwork in all 50 states.

He will be engaging with locals and community leaders to create a mural that will tell the story of our state.

Spearheads of the project say the artwork has increased tourism numbers and transformed other downtown areas in states like Minnesota and South Dakota.

And they believe it will do the same in Minot.

“We want to add and give one more reason to put Minot on people’s to-visit list and on the map for being a community that people want to check out and want to call home, want to work at, want to start a business, or want to have a family here,” said Tim Baumann, a community builder for the Union Silos Project.

The four-month-long project will begin in June and will cost $360,000.

Leaders are currently at 40% of their donation goal and are looking for community members and businesses to help reach their goal. Baumann said, even a $5 donation helps!