BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Flooding is a major concern for those who live in and around Bismarck.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, an update on the South Bismarck Flood Control Study was presented.

Let’s take a closer look at this map.

The area in blue is the Bismarck’s South Drainage ditch, which diverts stormwater from the Bismarck water shed Drainage is also connected to the Missouri River.

“If it rains in Bismarck it drains out into the River,” said Gabe Schell, a city engineer.

However, that drainage system does have its flaws.

“During an elevated Missouri River flood, that hydraulic connective can work against us by bringing water from the river back into the city of Bismarck,” said Schell.

Plans have been sent in motion to help Bismarck become more resilient against flood damage.
Schell provided an update on the South Bismarck Flood Control Plan.

“The study started about two years ago and it’s funded through a FEMA program for advance assistance mitigation grant. It’s funded by 75% FEMA dollars and 10% ND Department of Emergency services and then a 15% local match,” said Schell.

The main goal is mitigation.

“Once we do that we will be able to remove building structures, homes, businesses from the 100-year flood plain to a lower risk level,” said Schell.

One improvement that is attainable is giving the Washington Street gate structure a lift station.

“North and South is Washington Street and East and West is the channel. So, if this project moved forward there would be a component where there would still be a gate but would be outfitted with a pump that would then still drain water from the South Drainage ditch,” said Schell.

But if the city decides to build a lift station other improvements would have to be made to the South Bismarck Drainage system along with South 12th street and Tacoma Avenue.

According to Schell, this is just a study to see what projects can be done to help fight against flooding.

No recommendation was requested from Commissioners.