Delivery drivers typically bring people joy by delivering their desired packages, but some bring joy in a much different way.

“Antonio’s actually been coming to work with me since he’s been about four weeks old. A lot of my customers have seen him grow up, as well as Barb, our amazing UPS driver, so he looks forward to her coming in every day,” said Desirae Earl, Owner of Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge, and Antonio’s mother.

It isn’t just Antonio whose day is made when Barb arrives.

“I could have the worst day ever and I’d walk in here and see that smiling little face and it just lights up your day you know, just changes your whole mood,” said UPS driver Barb Gesellchen.

“As soon as she walks in he goes running up to her right away, looks through her pockets for treats and she’s always been so sweet and nice to Antonio so he looks forward to her coming every day,” said Earl.

Barb used to only carry around dog treats for the furry friends she would meet through the day, but now she has to make sure she has some fruit snacks or a beef stick for Antonio.

“So I started putting little treats in my pockets and he just knows I have it in there and one day I forgot. And that’s when Desirae videoed me going out, I was right here parked my truck and it was nice to where he could come outside with us, it was like 50 degrees you know? So I took him outside and showed him the inside of my truck and then they were working across the street here so we were playing around I was showing him the cranes going way up you know,” said Barb.

On the few days that Barb doesn’t come by for a delivery, not only does Antonio miss out on seeing his friend, but he has to bug mom for snacks instead.