MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A project nearly five years in the making is set to be complete by the end of this year.

Trinity Hospital will soon be vacating buildings in Downtown Minot and will be moving into the new Hospital Building in Southwest Minot.

So, what will happen to the vacant buildings downtown?

Many entities in Minot have their sights on the five hospital buildings set to be vacated in April of 2023.

The buildings are a piece of the community that could significantly impact Downtown Minot and the city as a whole.

“Right now we are just trying to figure out who would be interested in them and how can we help repurpose them for the good of Minot. That’s our primary interest. Whether it’s the city or Minot State University. Or whether it’s a different entity, what would they do with the buildings and how can we help them,” said Randy Schwan, Vice President for Trinity Health.

There have been talks about making some Trinity Buildings into a Career and Technical Education site for Minot State.

Trinity previously helped repurpose one of the clinic buildings into a CTE location for the Dakota College of Bottineau.

People in the community say doing the same for Minot State could be a huge benefit to the city.

“If you think of it in the way of what are the community needs, and what is it that can go into a space like that. A great example of revitalizing a building is what happened with the CTE partnership, the Dakota College of Bottineau the community Trinity all got behind, that’s a great example of the program that will support the future workforce in a very specific program in a building that was owned by trinity and now is owned by the college,” said Brekka Kramer, President, and CEO of the Minot Area Chamber EDC.

Trinity has identified five buildings that will be vacated: Health Center East, Thompson Apartments, the Health Center on Third Street, the Health Center on Fifth Avenue, and the main hospital, totaling nearly 400 thousand square feet.

The biggest focus for Trinity, Minot Area Chamber EDC, the city, and other partners is economic development for the Magic City.

Schwan said, “We know that there is going to be a lot of growth and vibrancy brought to Minot through what we do here with our partners in the community. And what we are doing out there in Southwest Minot with our new investments out there. It’s making a difference in Minot’s economy.”

Schwan added that nothing is set in stone yet.

But plans will be set into motion soon, by a committee tasked with looking into potential uses for the buildings.

He says whether it’s a sale, a leasing agreement, or a demolition, the focus is to benefit the city and Downtown Minot.

The new hospital is planning to finish construction by December.

They plan to welcome their first patients in April next year.