MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Landscape curbing is an easy way to make your yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. But, what is curbing?

Curbing is made with various elements of concrete and local workers were able to learn how to create concrete edging around houses at the Borderline USA in Mandan. The three-day training goes over simple and advanced curbing techniques. Several trainers from Valley Borders were there to show interested workers tips and tricks to making curbing easier. Everyone — no matter the skill level — was welcome to participate in the training event.

“We have kind of a mixture. There are people here that have done a little bit of curbing already that just maybe can’t quite figure it out or need some help with something and a lot of it is people who have never even heard about it and found us on Facebook,” said Austin Leingang, Valley Borders Concrete Curbing.

After the lesson, the trainers allowed participants to get their hands dirty and try to create curbing on their own. Today was all about learning about the different equipment and how to create curbing with different colors and textures.

“We have quite a few different options… we do plain grey which would just be the concrete grey color and then we have a couple of other colors. And then the stamping which is a similar process of doing patios and stuff with powders and a couple of other things,” said Leingang.

Tomorrow, participants will learn about natural stone stamps. The process is a little bit more complicated because of the extra steps you have to do but a lot of people find this their favorite part of curbing.