4/5/21 8:50 am

As of Monday morning, 30 percent of the fire is contained with about 3,000 acres that have burned, according to fire officials. No structures have burned and none are in danger at this time.

4/4/21 9:40 pm

The incident commander Jay Mickey says the fire tripled in size because of Sunday’s high winds.

He says about 3,000 acres have burned, including forest service and national park land. Mickey says crews are going to continue to work through the night and hope to have it under control in a day or two.

Mickey has a reminder for North Dakotans.

“Dragging chains down the road or anything that causes a spark. As dry as it is right now, I would encourage nobody to flick anything out of their car or anything that causes a spark,” Mickey said.

4/4/21 12:47 pm

The fire is currently estimated at 30 percent contained, according to a press release sent out by the North Dakota Fire Service.

Bravo unit and two air tankers were called in for assistance from South Dakota on Saturday. The tankers delivered one drop each.

This fire is in very rough, inaccessible terrain and extreme drought conditions make fire suppression difficult, but responders are working diligently to contain the blaze.

At this time, the North Unit visitor center and housing values are at risk. The North Unit of the park is closed at this time, as well as the CCC Campground across the Little Missouri River to the south of the park. 

High and very high fire danger continues through all parts of North Dakota, and a red flag warning has been issued on Sunday for the western half of the state.

Residents are reminded to be vigilant and cooperative as responders battle these wildfires.

4/4/21 12:18 pm

Incident commander Jay Mickey says about 1,000 acres have burned, including forest service and national park land. He suspects the fire was human caused.

Crews are still working to contain the fire. He adds it’s too early to give an update on containment.

4/3/21 10:15 pm

Highway 85 has been reopened south of Watford City. The highway was closed for several hours earlier tonight while a fire burned in the north unit of the National Park.

Authorities ask people to still be careful while traveling Highway 85 as there are a lot of First Responders on scene. Theodore Roosevelt National Park remains closed at this time.


According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, there is a “very bad” fire at the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Video courtesy of Badlands Search and Rescue

A representative with the Forest Service tells KX News the fire is in the north unit on Forest Service land, moving southeast. Airtankers have been called in.

In a Facebook post, NDHP said U.S. 85 is shut down from Watford City to Hwy 200 near Grassy Butte.

The campground and park have been closed and evacuated at this time. NDHP says to please avoid the area until further notice.

KX News is working to learn more about the ongoing situation.