WARD COUNTY, N.D. (KXNET) — Ward County 4-H is celebrating its 90th year of Achievement Days.

The 4-H program promotes hands-on learning, and one of the ways is through animal practice days.

In preparation, they hosted practice days for dogs, livestock and horses. These practice days allow youth to sharpen their skills while connecting with other youth and families sharing similar interests.

Ward County 4-H hosted four weekly dog practices that began on May 23 and ended on June 13. Hosting multiple practice sessions allows youth to learn more skills and consistency with their pets.

On May 31, livestock practice day was held at the Minot Trail Riders Arena. 4-H members presented this event to 4-H members who want to show rabbits, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats and beef cattle at Achievement Days.

Each youth presenter demonstrated proper showmanship practices, such as maneuvers to best display your animal to the judge and how to move effectively around the show ring. They also discussed grooming and nutrition.

Those in attendance brought their animal and practiced alongside the presenters, receiving pointers and encouragement.

Horse practice day was on June 11 and was also presented by youth instructors. It covered topics included horsemanship, hunter hack, ranch riding, reining, showmanship at halter, trail and western pleasure. Proper tack and attire while showing during Achievement Days were also discussed.

If you are interested in learning more about Achievement, see the Ward County 4-H at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds. Achievement Days will begin on Monday and will end on Thursday.

Because of you, Ward County 4-H will continue to thrive for the next 90 years.