MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Brightening up our streets and providing more safety protocols in our neighborhoods are two very big changes residents want to bring to their county.

The Ward County Highway committee met on Tuesday to discuss all these initiatives as part of the county commission.

One of the major aspects that the committee wants to improve is the number of street lights in neighborhoods throughout the county.

Ward County Engineer Dana Larsen says the intersection of county road 10 and 19 is one place that could use some more light — but that this will be a costly endeavor, as each light is worth around $3,000.

“For the intersection at 55th Street and County Road 12,” Larsen explained, “that will depend on the style of lighting poles. If we use more of a wood post style like a 28-foot high cedar post with an LED light, six of those would be around $12,000.”

Larsen also notes that if Ward County were to use larger street lights, then it would need to apply for federal funding.