Street crews all over the region are already busy and they plan on keeping up with the pace until further notice.

From Kenmare to Sawyer, Makoti to north Minot and everywhere in between, the Ward County Highway Department is responsible for 700 road miles.

Ahead of the storm, drivers make sure all trucks are fueled and ready to brave the conditions.

The fleet consists of seven snow plow trucks and nine motor graders.

Because of the wind and the expected accumulation, like many others, Ward County crews anticipate working through Good Friday and possibly even Easter.

Some advice from Ward County Engineer Dana Larsen, “When they say no travel advised, please take that to heart. We don’t want people out stranded. If you are traveling, make sure you have good weather gear with you. Make sure you dress warmly because if you do get stuck it may take a while to get to people, you could be stuck there for a while.”

Larsen says his crew is prepared to cover those 700 miles a lot more than just once, due to the wind.