Ward County to vote on weather modification–June 2020 ballot

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A controversial topic will now be up to voters to decide on. For the first time in 56 years, Ward County voters will have the chance to vote on continuing weather modification.

The Board of Ward County Commissoners decided, Tuesday that it will be on the June 2020 ballot.

The North Dakota Cloud Modification Project seeds clouds to reduce hail damage and rain enhancement.

People have been divided on the project–and that’s what the Board says helped them make the decision to put it on the ballot.

“So because we’ve been hearing equally from both sides, it just felt like the right thing to do,” said Shelly Weppler, chairwoman Board of Ward County Commissioners.

“The contract, it’s a five-year contract and we renew it every five years. I didn’t feel comfortable renewing it in March when I felt that all of the voters should vote on it, not just five people deciding if we should or should not sign the contract,” Weppler added.

As she said, the five year contract ends in March. 

If voters decide to end the cloud seeding modification project, it would take someone asking for it to be put back on the ballot for a public vote– before the Commission could look at the subject again.

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