The Pew Research Center said 57 percent of American students say they feel unsafe in their own school.

Experts said parents and guardians can play an essential role in preventing school violence, which is why the North Dakota Safety Council partnered with Watford City High School to host a violence prevention course.

“We had a parent night talking about our school safety,” said Brad Foss, Intermediate School Principal, Watford City.

When it comes to school violence and safety, school officials are always on the lookout.

“Drugs, and other bad things that happen within schools that we’re always on the alert for whether it be tips or body language or kids telling us about different things that are going on,” said Foss.

While school is known to be a safe zone, practitioners and researchers with the constitutional rights foundation feel that acts of violence usually start at home and travel with students to school.

“There is some very specific things that parents can do to help us keep the schools safe. The man doing the presentation gave us 21 things that parents can do to help our schools stay even more safe,” said Foss.

Parents, there are apps and things that you can do to keep your kids from picking up bad ideas whether it be monitoring the apps or searching your kids’ phones, but also knowing that the schools also have procedures in place trying to help that too,” said Foss.

“That was something informative that they told us about. There are warning signs for this and the big thing was to tell people about these warning signs and to be aware of them and that hopefully will stop things from happening,” said Brian Dokken, parent.

It was just enlightening to know what our school district is doing to prevent and just maybe possibly stop things like this stuff from happening,” said Dokken.