A liquor store is left with questions following an abnormally slow holiday weekend.

Every year around the time of July 4, it’s not unfamiliar for liquor stores across the U.S. to see a spike in sales.

For Long X Liquor in Watford City, that wasn’t the case.

General Manager LeeAnn Brown tells us in years past, on the Fourth of July alone, the store typically sees at least 50 customers.

Last Sunday, they barely made over 30 sales.

Brown says she doesn’t know if the opening of a new liquor store in town played a factor or if firework bans being put into place created a sale barrier either.

She says regardless, their hope is that numbers increase in years to come.

“Here we are for next year. How is that going to play out, you know? Next year is going to end up being on a Monday and so I would expect that liquor sales next year will rebound and be a little larger than they were this year,” Brown said.

Brown says the store has also faced challenges with the national shortage of aluminum.

They’ve run out on certain drinks that are customer favorites.