This is not the ordinary way of taking pics with your cell phone. It is all being done using wet plate technology. 

“Being a photographer in California, also that does the same process as Shane does, I knew that I wanted to help out especially after the pandemic and wanted to go out and meet other photographers that do the same processes that we do,” said Catherine Segura, San Diego, California 

Shane Balkowitsch is a renowned wet plate photographer. The name of this latest piece, “No Vaccine For Death” it’s inspired by the Triumph of Death a 15th century painting which depicts the end of life on earth.  

 “The entire world just went through COVID-19, and we do these collaborations every year. Last year we had to cancel because of the pandemic and this year we are back at its full strength,” said Shane Balkowitsch, photographer. 

For Balkowitsch, the pandemic was a reminder of how fragile life is, several loved ones were lost to COVID-19. 

“The point there is the director thought we should live every day to its fullest because death is coming for all of us, and there is no vaccine for that,” Balkowitsch said.  

For this particular project, Balkowitsch used a special type of cloning photography that dates back to 1851. 

 “There’s less than a thousand of us in the world that could pull off one of these images. I’ve been doing water plating for nearly nine years,” Balkowitsch added.   

Balkowitsch said “No Vaccine For Death” brought together perhaps the most people to be capture in one wet plate photo.  

“I think we may have broken a world record for the most people in the wet plate cloning image collaborating. There’s photographs with a lot of people in them. There are people coming together for this scene only. I don’t know any other time that this has occurred at this level,” Balkowitsch said.    

“What brings me down to beautiful Bismarck is Shane amd his absolute amazing ability to pull together a hundred despair of people to create one photograph and to get it done right the first time,” said Herb Ascherman, Cleveland, Ohio.