BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — According to the Bismarck Police Department, a total of 56 vandalism reports were made this year, with four during the month of September.

And just Thursday night, over six cars in Bismarck got their tires slashed for no reason.

So what can you do if you become a victim?

Vandalism is an action involving deliberate destruction or damage to public or private property.

A lot of times when vandalism occurs, it is on public property with little to no surveillance in the area.

The biggest tip Officer Clint Fuller gave is to park your car near a location where surveillance is. Or you can simply park it in a lit parking lot or garage.

He says if there are valuables in your car, remove them because that makes your car more likely to be a target.

“If you file a report and there’s actual physical damage to your vehicle, officers can investigate that and we get tips through tip 411 and then people contact the police if they saw a vehicle have a license plate any information we can side those cases together typically if the car matches or the suspect matches so hopefully we can get the person charged,” said Officer Fuller.

Officer Fuller says all tips can and should be reported to the BPD hotline at TIP 411. Or give them a call for concerns at 701-223-1212