MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Thousands of immigrants make their way to North Dakota in order to pass the Civics test. But what does one have to go through in order to become a U.S. citizen?

In Minot people, from around the world stop at the Adult learning center to learn the English language. English language instructors say they see immigrants come in knowing as much as saying hello to people who have learned English in the past.

In order to be a citizen of the United States, applicants must demonstrate the ability to speak English, unless certain exemptions are met.

“Every year we serve between 20 and 50 ESL students from all over the world that are in the community and a lot of people don’t know that they are here,” said Janae Ronning, Minot Adult Learning Center ESL Instructor.

Last year, the Minot Adult Learning Center saw immigrants from over 20 different countries walk through their doors.