MEDORA, N.D. (KXNET) — Volunteers are a key part of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and its operation.

From flower planting and inventory to greeting guests at the Medora Musical, they pretty much do it all.

Applications for the 2023 season are now open!

“We’re always being told you’re the best kept little secret in the nation or the state and it’s like we don’t think we’re a secret at all,” said the Director of Volunteer Programs, Peggy Gunther. 

Medora is the place where you need to make sure your camera or phone is fully charged before heading to, so you don’t miss out on any of the great photo opps.

It’s known for its western charm and family-friend entertainment.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is the volunteering program that brings each of Medora’s treasures to life.

“It has evolved into what we call sessions and we kind of start early on in March and April to help retail gets involved and we go all the way through the summer working the different venues, I mean it’s just all over Medora depending on what venues the organization has and what kinds of duties and task are needed. That goes all the way through October and then they’re working on the golf course as player assistants until the golf course closes,” said Gunther. 

Now, Medora is such a beautiful place, which makes many want to volunteer for the program, but she says that not everyone can. They pick the top of the top volunteers, and that candidate list is not the easiest to get on. 

“It’s a competitive process. It varies, most of the people want to come out during the season; that means they get to usher at the musical, that means they get to work at the fondue, that means they get to go around, mini golf at the Point to Point Park, and work there, they get to help out behind the scenes at the gospel brunch,” said Gunther. 

So what does the ideal candidate exude?

“Enthusiasm, commitment to service, flexibility, adaptability, and just I think, if anything, the love of giving back,” said Gunther. 

And let’s say you want to give back but, you’re more of a turtle in its shell.

“Others, for some of our seasons, if they want to work as loaners because they’re doing construction or any of that, that’s ok too. I think we have so many options that a variety of personalities can find a niche,” she told us.

With at least 700 volunteer applications a year, it’s best to get that application in early.

Gunther says one of the biggest goals for the program this year is to become less paper-reliant and more tech-savvy when it comes to intake, scheduling, and communication between volunteers.

To view an application and find out more about the volunteering opportunities in Medora, visit their website.