The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is taking measures to not only keep their staff safe, but also those who are incarcerated.

As of Monday, 175 tests have been administered to staff and inmates who have shown symptoms.

Only three corrections officers have tested positive for the coronavirus across the five correction facilities in the state. No inmates have tested positive.

With such large populations, the state correction health authority cut down the occupancy rate to 85-percent in order to be able to have space for those who are symptomatic.

“And when anybody comes into the facility, they are held in quarantine, individual quarantine for about 14 days. We do ask that temperature questions and do screenings. We’re not doing automatic testing on arrival. The recommendation from the Department of Health told us, that’s not as helpful as you like it to be. Because they may not show positive on day one, but may be sick on day four,” explained Dr. John Hagan, the State Corrections Health Authority.

The three corrections officers who tested positive for the coronavirus did not contract it while on the job.