MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — After serving four years as Minot’s mayor, Shaun Sipma lost his bid for re-election.

For the past four years, Sipma says he’s had the honor of serving the city and is proud of a number of things that were accomplished, including keeping two major projects, flood control and the Northwest Area Water Supply project moving along on time and on budget.

He also mentioned that he feels he has changed how the mayor is seen.

He says he positioned the mayor as a community leader; someone who the residents know, see and hear from on a regular basis.

“After June 28th, this month, my time gets a lot more free. Future plans is just spending a lot more time with my family because there has been a lot of sacrifice over the last four years,” said Sipma.

After the completion of his mayoral job, Sipma says he will remain engaged in the community and will also return to being a full-time insurance agent.