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People traveling from Canada to Mexico might use a plane– but, one man is getting there a different way.

NAT SOUND “Come on, Andale!”

Warren Schlosser is traveling to Mexic–using his wheelchair.

“Show that you can still do things even if you’re physically handicapped, you can go,” said Warren Schlosser.

In 2006, he was in a serious highway crash as a passenger in a semi-truck. He says he’s been unable to get his hip replaced, and has been confined to a wheelchair.

For the last 3.5 years, Schlosser has been preparing and planning for this international trek which he started on July 1st.

Road work, terrain and weather are just some of the things he prepared for. He even brought an extra chair.

“One thing we didn’t figure out on the logistics part of this was the people that would be stopping on the highway to say hello and hi, and it’s great, but there is a time factor in there,” said Schlosser.

He wheels about 25 miles per day. But he isn’t doing this alone.

His 6-month-old puppy Luna runs about five miles a day with him. His cat, Taquito rides in the RV with Schlosser’s travel partner. They met in Mexico five years ago and when Schlosser found out Jed was a travel writer, he knew he wanted him to come along and document his journey.

“He’s probably the toughest person I’ve ever met,” said Jed Vaughn, freelance travel writer.

“What he’s doing is so amazing and to be watching him do it in some of the areas, some of the hills, some of the weather and that that he just pushes through. He lives with pain on a daily basis and this is how he deals with it,” Vaughn added.

At the end of the 3,231-mile trek, they’ll end up in Mazatlan, Mexico– hopefully by December.

“Everybody has their own thing and it’s fairly interesting. And some of the things that people have overcome is even more amazing. That’s what I want to show, don’t quit just give in, sooner or later we all end up in the same place, I guess, right?” Schlosser said.

And if you see him wheeling down the road…

“Say hello, if they see me. Try not to run me over too, I’d appreciate that!” Schlosser said.

NAT SOUND “Come on Luna”

If you would like to follow Schlosser on his trek, click here.

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