BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — When the snow falls and the roads are covered, we all scram to see when it will be moved out of the way.

But what about afterward, when all the piles of snow are left just about everywhere?

KX News went down to Bismarck Public Works and spoke with a crew leader who said they typically work two 12-hour shifts a day, providing 24-hour snow clearing.

But when the snow is no longer falling, where does the city haul the snow?

“Right now, we’re using three locations. We have a wastewater treatment plant down off of London, there’s a field down there that we can dump it into. Out at the city landfill, there’s an area out there that we utilize, that we can dump at. And we’ve got a spot at 43rd Coleman that the owner allowed us to use that area this year so we’ve been utilizing that so we don’t have to go as far when we’re up on the north side to dump,” said Crew Leader, Chad Schiermeister. 

Schiermeister says that the department would love more local places, less than 10 miles out.

But, he says as of now they are doing the best they can.

“I know we’ve got many calls that we’re out at the wrong times of the day or whatever but there’s never really a good time to be hauling snow off the areas they always want us to do it at night, but people have families they want to be home with their families too so we try to do it whenever we can,” said Schiermeister. 

He says a bad idea may not be to give some snow to a farmer in need of moisture.

To find out more information, the city rules, and to volunteer your land for a snow dump, visit this website.