WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — On Tuesday, a lemonade contest was held to see who made the best lemonade in Williston ahead of Lemonade Day.

The Williston Chamber of Commerce hosted the contest at the Williston Community Library.

The purpose of Lemonade Day is to build young entrepreneurs and teach them how to be productive members of society.

The children who participated started their own lemonade stands for a variety of reasons.

“Why did you want to make Lemonade?”

“So I can be a businessman,” said five-year-old Christopher Woods.

“And why did you want to make Lemonade?”

“So I can pay my mom’s bills,” said 6-year-old Carter Vogel.

Each lemonade was unique and some young entrepreneurs added special ingredients.

“I added the peels and then the lemon juice and then ice,” said five-year-old Kira Wurgler.

“Strawberries, lemons and edible glitter,” said 6-year-old Kayden Woods.

The winners, Caydin and Cullen Hughes, won a certificate and will have it on display at their stand, Golden Rule-Ade, on Lemonade Day, which is Saturday, July 23.

The lemonade stands will be located all over Williston.