WILLIAMS COUNTY, N.D. (KXNET) — One county is looking into new ways to attract more people to western North Dakota.

Williams County leaders are working on a relocation guide, as a way to attract more people to town but also to keep neighbors in western North Dakota.

Oil and gas have remained a large industry in Williams County.

The Williams County Community Engagement Coordinator, Lindsey Harriman, says billions of dollars will pay for new natural gas projects.

However, aside from oil and gas, the county is looking into how to bring more people to the western part of our state.

“As we kind of look at all of that, there really isn’t a solid resource that’s kept up to date and that is available for showing what is available in Williams County. When you move here what can you expect, if you’re in the process of moving here, how do you find a house, how do you find childcare, how does school districts work,” said Harriman.

For more information on Williams County and Western North Dakota visit the Williams County website.