Spring load restrictions went into effect in Williams County Wednesday, restricting vehicle weight on county and township gravel roads due to the level of water saturation in the roadways.

However, Williams County officials are quick to note the restrictions will not impede efforts by electric utilities to continue working to repair and restore power and fuel haulers to make deliveries.

County highway department officials and the Williams County Sheriff’s Office have been working closely with the utility companies and fuel delivery firms to allow them to continue moving heavy loads on the restricted roadways.

Outside of those two exceptions, county and township gravel roads are restricted to a maximum weight of 20,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) per vehicle. The county says, based on continued snow melt and rain in the forecast, the temporary gravel road restrictions are likely to remain in place through the weekend.

Paved Williams County and township roads have various restrictions, too. You can get more information and view the county road restrictions map here.