As the Easter holiday approaches, a Williston boy has been celebrating the holiday a little early and spreading joy along the way.

Inside every costume at a party or event, you might imagine someone with a big personality.

Inside this big yellow suit is a boy with a big heart, 13-year-old Travis Goodwin.

“It’s just a big fluffy duck costume. It’s kind of like a stuffed animal, a big like teddy bear or something,” Goodwin said.

If you’re wondering why a 13-year-old is decked out in a duck suit, well, it all started about a week ago.

“We went to Walmart and all of a sudden he pops out in this duck costume and I’m laughing and he did it just for a joke,” Goodwin’s mom, Frankie Ridder said.

That joke seemed to grow into something more.

“All these little kids, they were like– they wanted to take pictures,” Ridder said. “He had one gentleman almost wanting to follow him all around the store looking for his wife to take pictures.”

With Easter right around the corner, Goodwin and his mom decided to turn that accidental attention into something even more positive.

So, they decided to take a tour around the community — in the duck suit, of course.

One stop was at Tammy’s Daycare.

“They just wanted to take pictures, so the lady called the kids out from the backyard and he’s standing there and he waves and comes out and they just took pictures and the lady had like little candy eggs for him to give the kids,” Ridder said.

“It’s more of just like a joke to me. Like, I get in it and it’s all fun and games,” Goodwin said.

But despite it being all laughs for Goodwin, he says he understands the impact that his fun spirit and costume have brought to others.

“I think everything’s been a little bit rough since COVID and I thought maybe I could help out,” he said.

And he has, even if its just by dressing up like a duck.

The two say they’re unsure of what they will do with the costume after Easter Sunday, but they do agree that it was $100 well spent.