WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — City leaders in Williston are working out a plan to send emergency services to the nearby town of Epping.

The city commission will vote on an automatic aid agreement.

At last month’s meeting, Williston city leaders agreed to provide aid to Trenton as well. Epping is 22 miles northeast of Williston and has a population of around 160 people.

The Automatic Aid agreement will allow Williston Firefighters to send trucks and manpower to certain emergencies in Epping.

But Assistant Chief Corey Johnson in Williston says even though they have more equipment and a bigger department, it’s often Williston Firefighters who need help in a hurry.

“We know our call volume is increasing. We know the demand for services is increasing. And we’re constantly looking at those options to increase manpower and increase stations and apparatus for response,” said Johnson.

For Epping, this means they will receive extra help for fire-related emergencies and in turn, this will also prompt Epping to help Williston when there is a large fire.