A Williston mother who was teaching her step-son about money management has caught the attention of millions on the TikTok app.

Last week, Jocci Rice challenged 9-year-old Karter to grocery shop for their household of four.

Having only $60 to spend, he grabbed items like fruits, veggies and meats instead of items you might expect a child to grab.

Recording his shopping spree on TikTok, Jocci received over 2 million views and more than 300,000 likes.

She says her hope was to teach him how to budget money and prioritize for not only himself, but those around him too.

“I wanted him to kind of weigh the options of needs and wants and he did a phenomenal job of that obviously,” Jocci said.

“I learned to not just pick junk food out when you actually want to eat healthily and keep your body running safely,” Karter said.

Jocci said she received a lot of positive feedback in the comments of other parents hoping to do this too.

To view the video, click here.