The Williston Parks and Recreation District Board violated the open meetings law by not posting that the sole agenda item was to be discussed in an executive session, Attorney General Drew Wrigley said in a May 19 opinion.

On April 27, 2021, the WPRD Board held a special meeting with one agenda item: “WPRD Long Term Funding.” During the special meeting, the board went into an executive session to discuss future funding, with the session lasting about two hours, according to a press release. After returning, a motion was made and it passed by a vote of 3-2 to “choose option A, a one-cent sales tax increase” and to bring that option to the Williston City Commissioners for approval.

Wrigley says the board failed to properly give notice of that special meeting because the notice didn’t include the executive session.

To correct the situation, Wrigley says the meeting notice must be redrafted to include an executive session and describe the subject matter and purpose of the session. The notice must then be filed with the city auditor and posted at the board’s main office for one week. The meeting’s minutes, notes or recordings must be given to anyone requesting them, for free.

The board has one week from the date of this opinion to correct this.