Every year at the KX Sport Show, many different vendors and exhibitors are showcased.

But, there is only one winery.

Maple River Winery is located in Cassleton, and owned and operated by Greg Kempel under Pride of Dakota. The business has been around for almost 20 years, and is one of many wineries in the state.

What makes Maple River different, though, is the style of wine which they produce: fruit based wine with a North Dakota twist.

From strawbery rhubarb, to chokecherry, Maple River Winery representative Dusty Lawson says the winery is a nice place for small and large groups to sit down and enjoy authentic North Dakota flavors.

Kempel also moved into the distillery business shortly after opening the winery, and makes his own whiskey, vodka, and even schnapps. Kempel also sells other Pride of Dakota products at Maple River and throughout the state.

No matter what the product is, Kempel always keeps the same flavors of North Dakota like rhubarb and chokecherry in mind.

For more information about Maple River Winery and Maple River Distillery, click here.