BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — We hit the 70’s Thursday, and it may be the last we see a day this nice around North Dakota until next year.

That brought several golfers to Riverwood to get in one more round before the course closes for the season.

Local golfer Dave Lewis was just one of those golfers wearing his shorts and getting ready to hit off the tee on this warm October day. Lewis says he isn’t ready for the winter, but like all North Dakotans, he knows it’s coming. So, you got to enjoy the nice days when you can.

“Anytime you can play golf in North Dakota, October 20th or whatever day it is, in shorts, you know it’s a good day,” said Lewis.

Bismarck Parks workers say Pebble Creek’s last day is Monday. Tom O’Leary closes next week on Wednesday. Riverwood is the last game in town, they close on Halloween.